Tikob Lake

Tikob lake is accessible from poblacion, a small hike and a hanging bridge to boot. Or, through a dusty drive through barangay Ayusan that takes you right to the rim of a ridge thick with an overgrowth that circles the lake.

The lake has its share of myths.

At one time it was called "Crocodile Lake." There has not been any sighting of crocs since an alleged contracting of hunters for crocodile cleansing.

Some believe the lake was caused by a meteor impact.

Methane gas periodically emits from the lake. Some attribute it to spirits.

In the past, visits to the lake have left me with a sense of unrealized potentials and possibilities. In the meanwhile, it is being used for fish farming while awaiting the edicts of the gods of commerce that might include Tikob Lake in the winds of change blowing Tiaong's way.