If you are into Pyramid Power and want the total ambience of camels, cumin, culture and Cheops, you will have to find your magic carpet or hop on a plane to Cairo, Egypt.

But for generic pyramid power, you might be able to do with kitchen drawer items: a ruler, common construction materials (cardboard, plastic, glass, canvas, or aluminum), a compass to help you find your true North. You also need to know about apothems and your whereabouts inside the pyramid's space where the energy or electrical forces are maximum, referred to as the King's Chamber, located below the apex, one-third up from the base.
Pyramid Power is thought to work through the harnessing of the energy forces inside the pyramid and is believed to cause a multitude of energy-driven effects: i.e., polishing tarnished jewelry, purifying polluted water, energizing water, mummifying and dehydrating meat, eggs, etc., facilitating wound healing, and providing benefits in the treatment of toothaches, migraine, rheumatism, arthritis.

Or, if you want something closer to the real thing, you can venture out to Manaoag, Pangasinan for the "Pyramid of Asia," a scaled-down version of the original, similar to the Giza pyramid in proportion and true north orientation. The differences are size and purpose. Size, as the Pyramid of Asia is only 9.25 meters high and 225 square meters (15 meters wide) at the base, the Egyptian version is 146 meters high and 50,000 sq m at the base. And, whereas the ancient pyramids were built on the Pharaohs' whim, wish, or wisdom, a need for grand entombment, or from some scientific or mathematical basis, the Manaoag pyramid was built primarily for the purpose of healing. The idea for the Pyramid of Asia is said to have come in a dream to faith healer Alex Orbito of Cuyapao, Nueva Ecija.

Also, unlike the ancient pyramids, the Pyramid of Asia ­ a venue for Philippine psychic healing arts ­ was envisioned with all the necessary creature comforts and amenities of modern-day commerce: a resort, restaurant and hotel facilities that include air-conditioned cottages, an olympic-sized swimming pool and even a videoke hall.Uhm . . . No camels.


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