SLEX EXIT From the SLEX Exit, continue on the SLEX extension. You are 5 km from the SLEX Extension Exit Toll Plaza. Do not take the old exits to Calamba/Lucena/Batangas.
5.1 km 5.1 km out of the SLEX extension toll plaza,take the
Sto. Tomas / Lucena
exit ramp.
1.4 km At the end of the exit ramp, turn right on the traffic light, towards Sto. Tomas, Batangas. 1.4 km will bring you to an island junction. Turn left towards Sto.Tomas / San Pablo / Lucena.
1.1 km 1.1 km will take you through a busy commercial strip of Sto. Tomas, with the public market on the right, followed by a line of eateries with Pancake House at the end, reaching another island junction. Turn left towards Alaminos.
  From here, stay stay on the Maharlika National Highway. it will take you through Alaminos > San Pablo > to Tiaong.
Tiaong Welcome Arch The Arch welcomes you to Tiaong. You are about 5 km from Pulang Lupa.
  Landmarks on the left are: Villa Escudero, a MacDonald,       7-11, then the railroad crossing.
  Do not take the by-pass road. Instead, go through town.
  At 3.2 km, you rwill each a small bridge connecting Lalig to the town proper.
  At 3.6 km, the road curves, with Recto High School on the right.
  At 4.2 km, the Municipal Hall on the right.
  At 4.5 km, an Iglesia ni Kristo on the left.
  At 4.8 km, the yellow-orange Lumingon barangay hall.
  At 5.0 km, there's a run-down waiting shed on the left. Turn right on the dirt road across the waiting shed.
  You are about 500 meters away from the White House. A 4WD will easily take you up to the peak. Muddied roads are impassable during the rainy season. A short walk will test your cardiac reserve.
Average time is about and hour and a half after the SLEX exit. There are alternate routes via Lipa, Batangas or Los Baños, Laguna. Wayz should guide you through these routes.
Have a safe trip!
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