The Alternative Medicine section has been infused with several sabbaticals' worth of research and content. It presents the many facets of alternative medicine in the Philippines: the healers, the herbs, the varied treatment modalities, from age-old folk medicine to the urban-fringe. It has been a most interesting study, at the same time, a serendipitous discovery of a fascinating window into a people and its cultures.

The compilation on herbal medicinal plants is the centerpiece of the StuartXchange site. It has grown to more than 1,900 herbal medicinal plants with botanical information, folkloric uses and scientific studies. The section frequently updates content and digital photos.

Ms. Leila Santiago-Flores contributes the section on "Philippine Herbs and Animals" - a compilation on herbal use in small animals, sourced from published articles, unpublished theses, and interviews.

The Jeepney
The definitive jeepney work, I dare say! An essaywork on the once "undisputed king of the road" accompanied by more than a 120 original digital photographs and artwork.
All artwork and photographs are copyright © Godofredo Stuart

EDSA WORKS Four EDSA-related works: My sister Angela Stuart-Santiago's works on EDSA are uploaded in their entirety: (1) "Walang Himala! Himagsikan sa Edsa,"  the first complete version in Filipino of the EDSA People Power Revolution and (2) "The Original People Power Revolution." If time has blurred the details, these definitive literary works on the 1986 revolution, through a blow-by-blow chronological style of storytelling, will bring Edsa back to the forefront of your consciousness. (Also, check out Angela Stuart-Santiago's Book Reviews and commentaries at Publications.) Two are by Godofredo Umali Stuart: Edsa Shrine and EDSA 2008, an ephemeral work of prose and art.
Bangungut: The Folklore and the Science.
by Dr Godofredo Stuart

A recent addition that presents bangungut in the romance of its folklore
and the de-romanticizing science with its new etiologies.
            A Collection of Ephemeral and Anonymous Prose & Poetry
            a collection of short-and-humorous Filipino prose and poetry.
            Kabalastugang tula mula sa ating kabataan.
InformationXchange  contains tidbits of information, articles of general and ephemeral interest that I have stumbled across and worthwhile sharing. Also contains medical articles, abstracts and materials used for teaching. IX is also available for posting. Email desired postings, queries or suggestions to: Godofredo Stuart.
Doodles & Sketches has recently been added. A collection of just that: sketches and aimless doodles.
  The Travel contains travel info and articles, travel stories, and a sub-section on Philippine festivals. It also links    to medical abstracts related to travel medicine. Recently added are a collection of travel photos. Recently added are topics and essays relating to things Pinoy – balut, lambanog, yucky and yummy of Philippine cuisine –of likely interest for the intrepid travel planning to visit the Philippines.

A Book of Cows
Whoa Nellie! A collection of original collages and colored-pencil works of cow-stuff. Another work in progress frequently updated with new pencil drawings and photographs.

Salmagundi is a cyberstop for friends and artists and cyber-travelers, sharing their works, short stories, essays, small novels, haikus, ephemeral artwork.

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