Mainit Hot Springs

Maiinit hot springs is located in Lalig, a short walk or a tight drive from Maharlika Highway. It is a favorite of young locals for picknicking and swimming. For other visitors the main attraction is the hot springs, believed to be beneficial for dermatologic and rheumatic maladies.

The hot spring water is collected into five cement vats. However, these are poorly maintained and unclean and requires a serious effort of scouring scrubbing before soaking in it, lest the danger of incurring infectious skin eruptions.

In a sorry state of neglect and strewn with litter, the place is no longer an attraction for out-of-town visitors. The barge that used to ferry the visitors across the river to the hot springs is no longer available. The alternative access is through a hanging bridge that is long overdue on wire-and-metal repairs.

A valiant effort by local residents who have contributed restroom facilities and maintainance is not enough. Alas, a waste of a local natural resource.