M I S C E L L A N E O U S     T H E R A P I E S

A common practice in the rural Quezon area, "luop" is generally used for common gastrointestinal complaints: abdominal pains, flatulence (kabag) or diarrhea brought about by the inhalation of 'alimuong' (the unpleasant sulfuric smell of the early rain on dry earth) or any other unpleasant or malodorous smell of food that may cause gastrointestinal upset.

The immediate remedy is preventive: smudging or "crossing" (sign of the cross) a muddied finger dipped on the wet ground onto the belly button. If the source of possible discomfort is food material (for ex: meat), a sliver of this obtained and "crossed" on the supraumbical area.

If this does not prevent the occurrence of flatulence, 'luop' is performed. A mud ball the size of a fist is placed on fire built on a plate. As the mud ball turns into a fiery ember, it is doused with water and the ensuing smoke is directed toward the stomach. A small amount of the water used to douse the ember may be drunk. 

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