M I S C E L L A N E O U S     T H E R A P I E S

UNAS is a material believed to be derived from a single-horned animal or horn of a female deer. In the Bicol area, a similar material is referred to as "tambal." A small piece or shaved fragment of this horn is applied directly to the wound. It is believed the material will adhere to the wound only in the presence of "kamandag" (poison) or rabies and will fall off after a few hours when the 'kamandag' is no longer present. After its use, because of uncommonness, the "horn" is cleaned for future re-use by soaking in water where the kamandag bubbles out of the "lunas." It is not unusual for a "tapal" with "orasyon" and/or "bulong" to be performed after the application of the lunas. (See: Rabies)

Bintusa Pagtutuli (Circumcision) 
Bulong and Orasyon  Pwe-Usog, Pwe-buyag 
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Kudlit  Tapal 
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