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Family Verbenaceae
Clerodendrumn macrostegium Schauer

Scientific names Common names
Clerodendrum macrostegium Schauer Agboligan (Ilk.)
Volkameria grandiflora Blanco Aktoligan (Ilk.)
  Bagauak (Tag.)
  Baugak (P. Bis.)
  Kasopangil-na-puti (Tag.)
  Magboligan (Ilk.)
  Nakboligan (Ilk..)
  Payi-payi (P. Bis.)
  Velvetleaf glorybower (Engl.)
Bagauak is a local name shared by three species of Clerodendron: (1) C. macrostegium, Kasopangil-na-puti (2) C. minahassae, bagauak-na-puti, and (3) C. quadriloculare, bagauak-na-pula.
Clerodendrum macrostegium Schauer is an accepted name The Plant List

Kasopangil-na-puti is a small, hairy shrub growing 1 to 4 meters in height. Branchlets are 4-angled and purplish. Leaves are broadly ovate, up to 26 centimeters long, and 19 centimeters wide, with pointed tip and rounded or somewhat heart-shaped base; the margins entire or with broad teeth. Panicles are terminal, compact, and covered with numerous, large, purple, broad, ovate bracts at the base and oblong to lanceolate ones at the top. Calyx tube is hairy, with five very slender and pointed lobes. Corolla is white, hairy, and about 4 centimeters long, with oblong lobes and a very slender tube.

- Found in secondary forests and thickets at low altitudes in Nueva Viscaya, Rizal, and Quezon Provinces in Luzon; and in Mindoro, Sibuyan, and Panay.
- Also found in Ceram, Amboina, and Saparua.

Parts used


- Decoction or poultice of eaves applied externally for the treatment of carbuncles.

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Last Update August 2016

IMAGE SOURCE: Photo / File:Clerodendrum macrostegium.jpg / wlcutler / 2 December 2012 / Clerodendrum macrostegium at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden in Kane'ohe, HI, USA / Click on image to go to source page / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. / Wikimedia Commons

Additional Sources and Suggested Readings
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