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Family Moraceae
Artocarpus rubrovenia Warb.

Scientific names Common names
Artocarpus rubrovenia Warb. Anabiong (Tag.)
  Anabling (Bik.)
  Anubing (Tag.)
  Avutag (Iv.)
  Bayuko (Bis.)
  Buñga (Ibn.)
  Hamigi (P. Bis.)
  Haumgoi (P. Bis.)
  Kalulot (Tag.)
  Kilikili (S. L. Bis.)
  Kubi (Bik., Bis., Tag.)
  Obien (Pamp.)
  Tagap (Tag.)
  Tumolubo (Klg.)
  Ubien (Pang.)
  Udien (Ig.)
Anabiong is a local name shared by (1) Artocarpus rubrovenia, kalulot, and (2) Tremna orientalis, hanadiong.

Kalulot is an erect tree, up to 8 meters high. Leaves are subcoriaceous, conduplicate, smooth, paler beneath, oblong and sometimes elliptic, 18 to 22 centimeters long , and 7 to 10 centimeters wide, the abrupt apex recurved, and obtusely rounded at the base. Inflorescence is axillary, obovoid, upon a short, thick, hairy stalk. Male heads are a trifle wider than long, 1.25 centimeters across, yellowish, and soft. Female heads are dark green, rounded, about 1 centimeter in diameter. Fruit has several seeds.

- Endemic species found in forests at medium altitudes from Cagayan to Sorsogon Provinces in Luzon; and in Mindoro and Cagayan del Sulu.

Parts used
Bark, leaves.


Decoction of bark and fresh leaves is give in fevers.


Last Update May 2013

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