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Family Boraginaceae
Ehretia resinosa Hance

Tai wan hou ke shu

Scientific names Common names
Ehretia formosana Hemsl. Alibnuñgug (C. Bis.)
Ehretia navesii Vidal Kalabonog (Ilk.)
Ehretia resinosa Hance Kalimomog (Tag.)
  Malatadiang (Gad.)
  Maragaued (Ilk.)
  Taglokot (Tag.)
  Talibunog (Ig.)
  Tsang-gubat (Tag.)
Ehretia resinosa Hance is an accepted name. The Plant List
In Quisumbing's compilation, Tsaang-gubat (Ehretia microphylla) is a common name phonetically shared and confused with Ehretia navesii, tsang-gubat, Kalimomog.
Comparison of plants from Taiwan and from Luzon shows practically no difference. Ehretiaresinosa Hance,J.Bot.18(1880)299;I.M.Johnston,J.Arnold Arbor.32(1951)103.— Type: Swinhoe J2333, Taiwan. (3)

Other vernacular names
CHINESE: Tai wan hou ke shu.

Kalimomog is a tree growing 4 to 10 meters high. Inflorescences and leaves, when young, are somewhat hairy beneath, becoming smooth or nearly so when old. Leaves are oblong-ovate, elliptic-ovate or ovate, 8 to 18 centimeters long, entire, with pointed tip and rounded base. Inflorescences are terminal and axillary, 5 to 10 centimeters long, with few to many flowers. Flowers are white, 5-parted, about 8 millimeters long. Fruit is ovoid, somewhat fleshy, and about 5 millimeters long.

- In thickets and secondary forests at low altitudes from northern Luzon to Mindanao, in most islands and provinces.
- Also reported in the southern part of Formosa, along the seashore. (2)


Used as febrifuge.
- Used as firewood in the Mt. Province.

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IMAGE SOURCE: Photos (2) / Ehretia resinosa Hance / CC by NC / TaiBIF: Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility / click on image to go to source page / TaiBIF
OTHER IMAGE SOURCE: Illustration / Fichier:Ehretia acuminata Blanco1.70-cropped.jpg / Flora de Filipinas / 1880 - 1883 / Francisco Manuel Blanco (O.S.A) / Modifications by Carol Spears / Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

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