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Family Rubiaceae
Hedyotis costata
Hedyotis costata (Roxb.) Kurz
Ma er cao

Scientific names Common names
Hedyotis costata (Roxb.) Kurz                      Unresolved No local name
Hedyotis costata (Roxb.) Kurz is an unresolved name. The Plant List
Quisumbing's compilation list Hedyotis costata (Roxb.) Kurz. with the following synonyms: Hedyotis vestita R. Br.; Metabolus caeruleus Blume, Metabolus lineatus Bartl., Spermacoce costata Roxb.

Other vernacular names
CHINESE: Ma er cao.

Gen info
- Hedyotis costata is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. It comprises about 115 species.
- Hedyotis, named by Linnaeus in 1753, derives from two Greek words: hedys meaning "sweet
" and otos meaning "ear", referring to the sweet-scented ear-shaped leaves of some species. (3)
- An understudied plant.

Hedyotis costata is a rather coarse, spreading, diffuse, villous herb 30 to 60 centimeters long. Leaves are petioled, elliptic-lanceolate, 5 to 11 centimeters long, and 1 to 3 centimeters wide. Cymes are villous, small, borne in the axils of the leaves, and furnished with short stalks under 1.5 centimeters long. Flowers are very small, white, and crowded in small heads. Fruit is a capsule, small, rounded and hairy.

- In open grasslands and thickets at low altitudes in Rizal, Laguna, Camarines, and Sorsogon Provinces in Luzon; and in Culion, Busuanga, Palawan, and Mindanao.
- Also occurs in India, and through Malaya to the Moluccas.

Parts used


- Roots boiled and made into a lotion for rheumatism.
- In Chinese medicine, used for malaria, hepatitis, rheumatism, conjunctivitis. The plant is an ingredient in a polyherbal formulation for atrophic rhinitis. (1)

Herbal Mixture for Atrophic Rhinitis:
nvention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of atrophic rhinitis prepared from a mixture of medicinal materials viz.,folium eucalypti, sophora fruit, wrinkled giant hyssop herb, saffron crocus, fortune firethorn, athelenota ananas and Hedyotis costata. (1)


Update June 2020 / March 2017
Updated November 2015

                                                  PHOTOS / ILLUSTRATIONS
IMAGE SOURCE: Hedyotis costata / Subject Database of China Plant <http://www.naturemuseum.net/album/ShowPhoto.aspx?photoid=2671c974-77ca-44f9-b304-0f16660a06f7> / click on image to go to source pages / Helixcn
Additional Sources and Suggested Readings
Traditional Chinese medicine for treating atrophic rhinitis / CN 103006933 A
Hedyotis costata / The Plant List
Hedyotis / Wikipedia

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