10% - Percentage of the weight of all the world's animals that is made up of ants. (Maxim. March 2002)

66% - Percentage of people who have had a workplace "affair." (Physician's MONEY DIGEST from Business Week, 2000)

- Average salary for a U.S. public school teacher. (NEA,2000)

50% - Percentage of first marriages that end in divorce. (Physician's MONEY DIGEST from Smart Money,2000)
124 - Number of days that an average American must work per year to pay government taxes. ( Physician's MONEY DIGEST from Investor's Business Daily, 2000)
In the U.S., there is an estimated 175 million "junked, dead, or out-of-use" computer sets tucked in warehouses and residential basements and attics containing about 650 million pounds of lead, 987,000 pounds of cadmium, 231,000 pounds of mercury and more than 2 billion pounds of plastics. Last year, of the 24 million computers retired in the U.S., only 3.3 million were recycled. Some eventually make it to landfills. There, these components release toxic substances and mix with liquids that in some cases leach into soils and threaten ground water.  It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of lead in municipal landfills comes from computers and other electronic equipment.  (MSNBC Environment Coverage. 14 Aug 2000)

Worldwide, 12 % of the female population and 47% of the male population smoke. There are 10,000 deaths per day, worldwide, that are caused by tobacco. (Vital Signs. Hippocrates July/Aug 1999 from "Tobacco-Free Initiative," World Health Organization, May 1999)