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Family Sapotaceae
Mimusops parvifolia R. Br.

Scientific names Common names
Mimusops parvifolia R. Br. Anosep (Pamp.)
Mimusops erythoxylum Llanos Bansalagin (Tag., Bik., P. Bis.)
Mimusops elengi Vidal Bansalagon (Tag., Bik., Bis.)
Mimusops elengi Linn. var. parviflora Vidal Barsik (Tag.)
Mimusops laterica Elm. Basal (Tag.)
  Kabibi (Tag., Bis.)
  Ligayan (Sul.)
  Pagagan (Ibn.)
  Paypagan (Ilk.)
  Palpogan (Ilk.)
  Pamalitien (Ilk.)
  Pappagan (Ibn.)
  Pappagin (Ibn.)
  Pappaian (Ibn.)
  Pasak (Tag.)
  Tagatoi (Tag.)
  Talipopo (Bis., Kuy.)
  Tugatoi (Tag.)
  Spanish cherry (Engl.)
  Asian bulletwood (Engl.)
Quisumbing's compilation lists Kabiki (Mimusops elengi Linn.) and Bansalagin (Mimusops parvifolia R. Br., Mimosups elengi Vidal) as separate species. Other compilations list them as synonyms.
In this compilation, info, folkloric uses, and studies on the two herbal plants, Kabiki and Bansalagin, will be merged into Kabiki / Mimusops elengi
Mimusops elengi L. is an accepted name. The Plant List

This page has been merged with Kabiki (Mimusops elengi).


Updated July 2018 / December 2013

IMAGE SOURCE: Digitized from Minor Products of Philippine Forests / Vol 1 / Philippine Mangrove Swamps / William Brown and Arthur Fisher / Plate XIV / Heritiera littoralis (Dungon-late) / 1920
See: Kabiki

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