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Family Cyperaceae
Cyperus stoloniferus Retz.
Cu gen jing suo cao

Scientific names Common names
Cyperus arenarius Hance ex C. B. Clarke [Illegitimate] Apulid-gapang (Tag.)
Cyperus bulbosostoloniferus Steud.  
Cyperus conjunctus Steud.  
Cyperus lamprocarpus Nees.  
Cyperus littoralis R.Br.  
Cyperus mayeri Kuk.  
Cyperus stoloniferus Retz.  
Cyperus spadiceus Lam.  
Cyperus stoloniferus Retz. is an accepted name. The Plant List

Other vernacular names
CHINESE: Cu gen jing suo cao.
VIETNAMESE: Cói gấu biển; Cú biển; Cói củ; Cỏ gấu biển; Hương phụ biển; Hải dương phụ.

Apulid-gapang is a sedge plant with long-creeping rhizomes. Stems are 10 to 20 centimeters long. Umbels are simple, contracted or subcapitate, with the rays about 2.5 centimeters long. Spikelets are terete, 8- to 20-fid, shortly spicate, with the glumes more closely packed than Cyperus rotundus.

- In open places at low altitudes, in the Luzon, but otherwise rather rare and local in distribution.
- Also occurs in tropical
Asia to Mauritius, Taiwan and through Malaya to tropical Australia, in swamps, open grasslands, and moist places along seashores.

- Considered cardiac stimulant.
- Stomachic.

Parts used


- In India, the fragrant tuber is used as stomachic.
- Also, used as heart stimulant.

- In Vietnam, used as a substitue for Cyperus rotundus, but with a stronger effect. (5)
- Used as a sand-binder. on dunes. (5)
- Rhizomes and tubers are aromatic. Used in perfumery and to scent coconut oil. (6)

Analgesic Effect:
Study of rhizomes and total alkaloids and essential oil from C. stoloniferous showed analgesic effect in the acetic acid and writhing test. (2)


Updated November 2019 / June 2016

IMAGE SOURCE: Digitally modified / Cyperus stoloniferus Retz. / Habit, Spikelet and Nut / Source of illustration : Backer (1918) /
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